New features in Tableau 2018.3

In Tableau 2018.3, there’s a variety of new features, including dashboard extensions, geo data spatial join, new web authoring tools, and one click heatmaps.

Here is a short glance of some new features you may be interested in:








Dashboard extensions: Developers can now create dashboard extensions that enable users to integrate and interact with data from other applications directly in Tableau. For example, extension can write data back to the database, refresh dashboards every N seconds, connect to the third-party APIs and more.

New visual aids to design better views:

  • Perform a nested sort with one click
  • Visually align dashboard items with a grid
  • See a preview while dragging floating dashboard items
  • Float transparent filters, parameters, and highlighters over dashboards
  • Automatically optimize dashboard layouts for mobile devices

Prepare, edit and view data on the directly on the web:

  • Create multi-connection data sources and cross-database joins
  • Copy, union, and pivot data on the web

One click Heatmaps

  • Once a difficult visualization to create, you can now turn millions of marks with a click of a button into a useful concentration of marks to aid you in your visual analysis.

Include colleagues on data conversations with @mentions: engage your colleagues in a conversation about data in a dashboard.

More information about the new features can be found here: