Training for Tools and Platforms

The Data & Analytics community at UofT use several tools and platforms to leverage the full power of our data. Whether you’re just getting started or getting the most out of common tools, check out the online learning resources linked below.

UofT staff can access more data & analytics training resources, including information on UofT information systems like ROSI, HRIS, FIS, and more. Staff also have access to a number of tools and licenses for software. For more information, check out UData.

Training Resources  Tools & Licenses



Tableau is used to build and view dashboards, connect to databases and warehouses, and analyze data. Tableau offers a wide selection of online learning modules with hands-on training for all levels of users, from novice to advanced analytics. Students can access the materials for free. Check it out here. The Map & Data Library at UofT also hosts training on data visualization in Tableau, which can be found here.


SPSS is a statistical software suite created by IBM that does not require programming knowledge. LinkedIn Learning hosts introductory SPSS tutorials here.


SAS is statistical software suite for data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence. No programming knowledge is required to use SAS. Check out the free online training hosted by SAS Institute here.


PowerBI is a data visualization software created by Microsoft with a focus on business intelligence, allowing users to create BI platforms for their organization. DataCamp has an introductory course to PowerBI, which can be found here.


Excel is a powerful tool for data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. You can find resources on it here.


SQL is a programming language used to manage and query data held in databases. LinkedIn has a quick overview course here, or you can dive in depth with hands-on training with a course from Udacity here.


Python is an open-source programming language that can be used for myriad purposes, from data cleaning to analytics to machine learning and much more. If you’re new to programming, you can see a list of external courses here, or if you’re already familiar with other programming languages, this list may serve you well.


R is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. If you’re looking to get started with R, UofT’s Map & Data Library has an introductory tutorial here or you can enroll in their R course here.


More resources will become available so please check in often. If you have an idea for a new resource, please email us at