Research & Innovation

  • The University published 578 papers related to SDG1 between 2017 and 2021, making them the 4th institution in the world by number of publications.


Operations & support

  • Approximately 25% of students at the University of Toronto come from low income families
  • The average expenditure on scholarships and bursaries is more than $3,000 per student.
  • See the Performance Indicators for Governance report, p51-52, for details:
  • The University has a Student Financial Support policy, whereby: “No student offered admission to a program at the University of Toronto should be unable to enter or complete the program due to lack of financial means.

Outreach & Partnership

  • The University operates many Access Programs for potential students who would not enter or succeed at the University without intervention. See p61-63 of the Performance Indicators for Governance report for details.

THE Impact Rankings

The University of Toronto did not submit data for this SDG in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings.


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