How to submit a great ticket to IRDG

In order to assist you with resolving your issue or request as quickly as possible, we’d like to mention a few pieces of information that will allow us to serve you best.

Ensure the Proper Categories are selected. Our team can be contacted through

Get Help — Applications and Systems — Institutional Research and Data Governance Help (including Tableau, DB2, etc.)

Service Now Categories

Start with a clear and concise description of the issue you are facing.
ex. The Admissions Overview Report on the Institutional Reporting Analytics Site is not loading.

Go on to Describe the issue, the more descriptive, the better. Include links to specific reports, or a screenshot(s) of your issue.

Get Help Describe the Issue

Screenshot of the error message.

Troubleshooting screenshot

If you are submitted a request for access, please refer to the links in the access form. Please be as descriptive as possible in describing what purposes the data will be used. Ensure you and your direct manager or department head sign off on the access form.
ex. I will require access to the Admissions Subject area to report on our recruitment initiatives, to have a better sense of who our applicants are, where they are coming from, What schools they are attending, and what our year-to-year numbers look like

Data Access description of use

After the ticket is submitted, please feel free to reach out via the ticket to request an update rather than creating another ticket on the same issue.