An annual Performance Indicators Report has been presented to the University of Toronto Governing Council since 1998. The University continues to be a leader in the post-secondary sector in Ontario in providing reports of this nature as part of our accountability to governance. The indicators in these reports have changed over the years as we have expanded the scope of areas that we have sought to measure, have enhanced our data collection and created partnerships with other institutions and agencies that allow for external benchmarking.

The report is split into four broad sections as identified below, clicking any of the items on the list below will open a separate report that may contain several charts or tables. There are more than 100 unique charts in the report.

A PDF version of the current Performance Indicators, previous editions, and Executive Summaries are available as links at the bottom of this page:

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Performance Indicators Archives:

Performance Indicators 2019:  Full Report / Summary Report (Published in April 2020)

Performance Indicators 2018:  Full Report / Executive_Summary (Published in May 2019)

Performance Indicators 2017:  Full Report  / Executive Summary (Published in May 2018)

Performance Indicators 2016:  Full Report /  Executive Summary (Published in May 2017)

Performance Indicators 2015

Performance Indicators 2014

Performance Indicators 2013

Performance Indicators 2012

Performance Indicators 2011

Performance Indicators 2010

Performance Indicators 2009